I entered the art school in 1978. They didn't register with a GPA below 15, and as far as I remember, my GPA was above 15. I took the practical entrance exam and with a passing score I entered Mirak art school in Tabriz. In the 78s(not as now), when they call conservatories, (artists!)
At that time, they said it was dumb! And of course, as far as I can remember, my GPA was also in math to the best schools!

Dad insisted me to study welding, plumbing and other things like this because he believed and still believes that I'm unemployed and useless now that I don't know how to hold a wrench! Mom also said that if you study anything except art, you won't even get a diploma. So there was no pressure, but a slight insistence on art. I still didn't understand the meaning of composition until I got my diploma in the third year of the conservatory And from a practical point of view, I was only good at graphics and freehand drawing, but I was terrible at color recognition and the basics of art. I was also good at calligraphy, because my father forced me to wake up at night and practice calligraphy, because the only art that was acceptable,  and I would write sleepily and with an angry look, he would shout: It didn't work, again! And I hated calligraphy! But I knew.

In general, I knew myself to be dumb, and my father also emphasized that I am dumb!
I took the entrance exam and was accepted in Hamedan, I just wanted to get out of Tabriz, under the pressure of Dad's eyes. I went to Hamadan and tried to don't return Tabriz. Mom believed that going to Hamedan shit in my real character!
Soomar region, at the border of Iraq, with the rank of sergeant in rangers! The story there is also detailed and I will skip it, but let me tell you a small part: I bent my head to get my chicken back from the dog's mouth when the sound of gunshots sounded, I raised my head and saw that if I hadn't bent, it would have been in the middle of my two eyebrows!!! The service ended and I came here to get a bachelor's degree in teacher training. I was absolutely an evil in the university! I, who hated government employment, fell among hundreds of robots of: (Yes, sir!) I was rebellious and became more rebellious. Many times I went to the disciplinary committee for smoking, the next day I bought a pipe! They didn't hesitate anymore.
They only gave high marks so that I just go. After graduation, my mother insisted that I choose education, because she believed that I would be nothing and it would be a salary until retirement! I went to exam with a ponytail and pants and the worst situation. Not choosing at all and giving no approval, but mom was not let go. I went to find a way again, this time I answered all the questions sloppy and finally I was completely failed. I had been working in cinema since I was in the art school and I was designing sets. I was still rebellious, I was bothering them, and whenever I was in the office, I would go with the worst possible look and stay at the door, they wouldn't let me in!
Because I had worked in lithography for a while, I was hired as a manager for lithography in Hamshahri newspaper, in the private sector. Viber, ruined newspaper! I took the entrance exam and was accepted to M.A. Nabi Akram University of Tabriz at our neighbor . The director of the group was one of my friends from the art school, who I thought would like me, and he gave me a 14 in his class in semester! The one whose I did his projects in the art school! He didn't do anything wrong, he thought I was coming to take his place, he didn't know, I generally hate hiring and saying yes sir!

I honestly forgot to mention the golden point of my life: it was in 2008 when I just sent two designs for the Slovakian ekoplagat biennial and I was not following up at all when one day my friend came and said, "Don't you give me sweets?" I said for? He said that among the 40 selected, there are two works of yours!
I continued the festivals. From time to time, I got a selected position here and there, until I pursued it more with the help of my friend during my university years. I used to hold biennials and festivals one after the other and my expenses were paid off. It should be noted that later I had a big fight with that friend and we broke up completely.

These authorities and then the invitation to referees made most of my old friends who hold university positions fear me, and trouble after trouble, until the end, with the help of my dear teacher, Dr. Abdul Hossein Laleh, I passed the thesis with a thousands misfortunes with a score of 17.75. I did, and then the same thesis was published as a reference book. Of course, I had cheated, and I had delivered my opinions with Bullshit references, The interesting story is that, all those doctors, as referees, did not understand anything! When I got my master's degree, I was occasionally invited to teach printing and graphic software.

Later, I was invited to the University of art to teach printing, directing animation and make-up, and slowly, many fields. One day, I was smoking in the courtyard of the university, when someone said that this university room was rented by an organization called SNAPP! and was hiring. I went and got hired! With the post as support expert!
your bread was low, your water was low! What was the support position? At the same time, Dad and Mom occasionally went with their own minds and decisions to proposing, and the interesting thing is that they said Yashar has no job and nothing will come! That is exactly what they believe! I occasionally received orders for graphic work, and after finishing, they always told me that this is artistic shit and the common people don't understand. Of course I couldn't reach a position in design, so support was chosen so that at least I wouldn't be disappointed, but I was accepting that I wouldn't really be anything!

Until my brother gave me a job when he was in Tehran, and based on that job, I heard the name of Adel Talebi. I emailed him and said, Adel Khan! I neither have the money to attend your courses, nor can I come to Tehran, and I want you to help me! In the end, he answered in surprise: what's your relation with Yavar Moshirfar? I said his brother.
He told me to get my number from him and call me!!!He slowly reminded me to work for big brands and tweeted. I used to do it and Adel Talebi would retweet. I was slowly reaching some places. In Snapp!, I was slowly getting the position of manager of complaints unit.
but one day, one of my best and nice friends and colleagues that I was in charge of his unit, did a big mistake, I went to justify her and it was over. The next day, I saw her come out of the manager's room and wipe his tears. The manager asked me and said, for now, until further notice, She is your manager! I did the tasks like a horse and my stats were at least 8 times bigger the others. She also sat idle and chatted! One day she showed me a chat where one of the senior managers offered her a relationship in exchange for a promotion! I had kept it until recently!
After the started the war between me and the organization! I was sensitive about my rights, and they were completely Bully and wouldn't give. In our new office, there was a foreign toilet, I am not comfortable and in disbelief, our manager said that you should use this! this is the order! Two months later, my dismissal letter came at 11 in the morning and without any conversation or interview, I  fired! My only friend in the organization was Rozbeh, who told me that one day you will become a creative director.

Actually, two or three months before I was fired, I got married and Snapp didn't give me a golden coin as a wedding present. The woman also  became a problem, her behavior became awful, she was always fickle, I was unemployed and she increased my nervous pressure until one night I said divorce! and this divorce took up to 8 months. Even though she had no dowry, she took all the things, even my camera, which I loved very much and bought with a thousand misfortunes! For a long time, I was just living on my unemployment insurance and drawing and tweeting. 
I had a LinkedIn page, I had posted a few contents. Once I sent a message to Roozbeh: do you see my post? Because it had a total of 4 views without any action in three weeks, maybe my application has a problem! He said no dear, this is the system and Social media is this!
slowly, I posted the designs that everyone said were stupid, with captions in my own language. Followers increased and I was becoming a creative man.
I had also made friends with Alijah Shahrbanouyi, Mandana AinetChian, and Hossein Hamidia, and my works appeared in different social channels . Attractive offers were coming to me, but they were canceled during negotiations. One day, I sat down and thought about the methods that Adel Khan and others taught for personal branding, and I raised my head and said that I will not do whatever you say do, and I will do whatever you say don't! This is exactly where my brand was formed. I was invited to several presentations and lectures in Tehran, and one night I packed up and came to Tehran with a backpack. I stayed at my friend's house. My income was from linkedIn and advertising.

Oh, I forgot, I love creative management! I posted an ad on LinkedIn saying that I don't have a resume or portfolio if that's the request, but my profile and name is resume and portfolio, I want to be a creative director or at least an art director. Disbelief, 17 offers came to me in the first hour, and the most attractive one was the Setareye shaeqi Agency, which invited me for a negotiation (not an interview). I was attracted by their very strong employer branding and three days later I became the art director of the agency. After about 7 months of my presence in the agency, I received another attractive offer from Nilgam Immigration, and I entered that organization with the position of creative director, and I was there for 6 months so that I resigned myself, because my character was slowly being insulted.
Of course, based on the new organizational structure that was built and generally all efficient people resigned. I gave myself a break for a month or two and looking for a better offer in the Tehran's Hasan Abad bazzar, I joined Kenzax Tools as the Chief Creative Officer(CC)) and I was thinking of crazy ideas that the traditional market got me and I had to leave. I left there quickly. After this maturity, I am thinking about freelancing and my own business, and of course, I registered for another master's degree in the field of management at the university.

Even now, the people who said that you will not anything, are inviting me to give presentations, lectures, etc. I reject them all times. mom and dad still think that I'm nothing and that workless. I am living more hopeful than yesterday.

Yashar Moshirfar

Winter 2022

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